Cliff’s Amusement Park is Now Using Responsive Design to Boost Ticket Sales

Maximizing ticket sales at your amusement park can often be a challenging endeavor. In refreshing amusement park websites with modern and mobile-friendly design, most parks share a common goal: increasing ticket sales. As part of this process it is important to ensure that your amusement park is first discoverable online through search engines and social media, and then has a strong Call to Action in order to drive ticket sales. Visually striking designs where users can easily buy tickets with a click of a button can substantially improve ticket sales.

Highlight your amusement park deals and prices with an attractive, editable “Buy Tickets” layout.

  • Establish a Call to Action: Attract customers to a desirable and attractive landing page that displays different options for buying tickets.
  • Generate awareness: Incorporate social media, newsletters, and other marketing efforts to a larger audience by driving online traffic to your mobile responsive “Buy Tickets” page.
  • Visualize pricing tiers: Add additional ticket options (i.e. VIP, Family Passes) for higher value target customers, OR take the opposite approach and increase ticket sales by creating a lower-tier ticket option.

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