Amusement Park Website Gets Stunning Design With WordPress


An amusement park website redesign grabs user’s attention with a stunning website redesign that utilizes the latest WordPress development tools. The new website reflects the fun and entertainment that brings to customers back each summer usinga bright and punchy color scheme, rich action photos, and engaging animated features. Behind the scenes lies an equally exciting user interface that simplifies content management while providing unique layouts with rich formatting.

At a Glance

  • Dynamically animated tiles highlight information while adding visual interest to homepage and sidebars
  • Content editable by non-technical users in WordPress including slider images, footers, home page, dedicated employee area, calendar, and flexible content modules
  • Easy to edit interactive elements


Edit anything on your website with a custom WordPress website. The advanced template system allows for the implementation of any design, providing unique solutions for brands and their users. Additionally automatic link management assures that all URLs will be search engine (SEO) friendly.

User management settings allow the assignment of which users can access and edit certain content. With powerful custom solutions you can enable interactive elements such as sliders, forms, calendars, maps, videos, photo galleries and more.

By choosing a custom WordPress website over a theme you can have complete control over design, content, and capabilities. From adding animated slides and galleries to building contact forms, custom WordPress design and development can provide a world of creative difference in making your site fresh, modern, and interactive.

Unleashing the Power of WordPress

The website is enhanced through interactive homepage features including an easily editable slider, animated tile links to featured attractions and offers, a video tour, and a newsletter sign-up. The site is 100% custom, mobile responsive (a must for SEO) and allows visitors a one-stop place to find all up-to-date information regarding their services and updates.

In addition, the following features reveal the power of what WordPress custom design and development can provide:

  • Resources for users including park map, ride information, park calendar, and ticket purchasing are prominently featured and easily located in the main navigation menu.
  • Sliders on the home page and interior pages provide unique visual interest.
  • Dynamic info tiles that animate opening and closing on the home page and sidebars.
  • Flexible content formats for building rich page layouts including accordions and image blocks.
  • A responsive calendar and events solution.
  • A dedicated employee area with user management.


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